Charles Drew University of Medicine And Science - Division of Cancer Research And Training
Community Academic Council

The Community Academic Council (CAC) is an advisory board to provide input to the Community Outreach Group on issues relating to cancer prevention and/or control. The CAC will provide programmatic advice and direction and actively participate in planning, education, outreach, dissemination, and evaluation efforts. The board’s aim will be to develop and enhance knowledge transfer activities that generate community input and provide feedback to the community at every level of the cancer research process.  

The CAC will assist in the following tasks:

1.  creating a roadmap that includes the long- and short-term goals of the cancer outreach program;

2.  providing key contacts and strategies that can provide equity among stakeholders;

3.  helping to broker competing agencies to solicit recommendations;

4.  helping provide a balance in giving voice to community health priorities;

5.  giving additional perspectives and balance for the partnerships;

6.  participating in a mentor pool to help develop and educate faculty involved in cancer research.  

The CAC will participate in a series of planning meetings to establish the ground rules and the structure of the activities, as well as strategies to ensure that all members’ activities feel empowered to voice concerns about the process. It is the responsibility of the CAC to ensure that the academic membership of the planning group understands that their role is to co-facilitate and to help the community partners express their ideas. The board will ensure that all partners participate in the creation of qualitative and quantitative tools that will be used for the assessment and qualitative and quantitative strategies for cancer intervention that retain the key elements of the community voice while allowing a methodologically rigorous approach.